Dana Jalobeanu

DSC_3341Reader in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, member of the Research centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science CELFIS, co- founder and director of programs at the  Research Center Foundations of Early Modern Thought and Director of the Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Bucharest.

Co-director of the yearly Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, executive editor of the journal Societate si Politica and co-editor of Journal of Early Modern Studies.

Trained in Physics and Philosophy, with a PhD in History and Philosophy of Science. Post-doctoral fellowships at New Europe College, Bucharest, and Warburg Institute, University of London. Visiting fellowships at Princeton University and Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin. Working on early modern science (from Bacon to Newton). AOS: Francis Bacon’s natural and experimental history, seventeenth-century Baconianism, the emergence of modern science, Isaac Newton. AOC: history and philosophy of science, history of early modern philosophy, philosophy of scientific experimentation, general philosophy of science. Also: Renaissance philosophy, Stoicism in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Full CV here: CV 2016

As director of the grant From natural history to science: the emergence of experimental philosophy she has worked on sixteenth century cosmographies and ‘Senecan’ natural histories, and she is investigating the sources and reception of Francis Bacon’s Sylva Sylvarum. In the past four years she has also worked on the early modern mathematics and instrumental traditions, as exemplified in the works of Giovan Battista della Porta, William Gilbert, Edward Wright, Johannes Kepler, Francis Bacon and Galileo Galilei.

Recent publications:

Dana Jalobeanu, The Art of Natural and Experimental History. Francis Bacon in Context, Zeta Books. Bucharest. 2015.

Guido Giglioni, James Lancaster, Sorana Corneanu, Dana Jalobeanu, eds. Francis Bacon on Motion and Power, Springer, 2016.

Dana Jalobeanu, Peter Anstey eds. Vanishing matter and the laws of nature: Descartes and beyond, Routledge: London, 2011;

Dana Jalobeanu, (ed.) Casa lui Solomon sau Fascinatia Utopiei, ALL, Bucuresti, 2011.

Articles (selection):

Dana Jalobeanu. 2016. Disciplining experience: Francis Bacon’s experimental series and the art of experimentation, Perspectives on science 24 (2016): 324-342

Dana Jalobeanu. 2015.  The toolbox of the early modern natural historian: Notebooks, commonplace books and the emergence of laboratory records, Journal of Early Modern Studies, 4 (2015), 107-123.

Dana Jalobeanu. 2015. Magnificent Principia. Physics today, 68 (2015): 45-46.

Dana Jalobeanu. 2014. Constructing natural historical facts: Baconian natural history in Newton’s first paper on light and colours, in Zvi Biener, Eric Schliesser, eds. Newton and Empiricism, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Dana Jalobeanu. 2014. The Principia for the common-reader: A New Trend in Newtonian Scholarship?. Societate și Politică, 8 (2), 100-103.

Dana Jalobeanu. 2014. A Natural History of the Heavens: Francis Bacon’s Anti-Copernicanism. Chap. 3 In Copernicus and His International Reception, edited by Wolfgang Neuber, Thomas Rahn and Carl Zittel, 64-87. Leiden: Brill.

Dana Jalobeanu. 2014. Elements of natural history in Sidereus nuncius. Revue Roumaine de Philosophie 58 (1): 55-77.

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Dana Jalobeanu, Four idols of Baconian scholarship, in Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences 71: 123-130, Elsevier, proceedings of International Workshop on the Historiography of Philosophy: Representations and Cultural Constructions 2012.

Dana Jalobeanu. 2013. Learning from experiment: classification, concept formation and modeling in Francis Bacon’s experimental philosophy. Revue Roumaine de philosophie 57 (1): 75-93.

Dana Jalobeanu. 2013. Francis Bacon, Early Modern Baconians and the Idols of Baconian Scholarship: Introductory study, Societate si Politica 7 (2013) 5-28

Forthcoming publications:

Dana Jalobeanu. 2016. Borders, ‘leaps’ and ‘orbs of virtue:’ A contextual reconstruction of Francis Bacon’s extension-related conceptsIn Spaces, Knots and Bonds: At the crossroads between early modern “magic” and “science.” eds. Koen Vermeir and Jonathan Regier (Dordrecht: Springer, forthcoming 2016).

Dana Jalobeanu. 2016. Rewriting Francis Bacon’s Natural History: Pierre Amboise’s translation of Sylva Sylvarum, special issue of Intersections: Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture, edited by Raphaele Fruet (et. all), Brill, forthcoming 2016.

Dana Jalobeanu. 2016. The marriage of physics with mathematics: Francis Bacon on measurement, mathematics and the construction of a mathematical physics. In G. Gordon, B. Hill, E. Slowik and K. Waters , eds., Language of nature, Minnesota Studies in Philosophy of Science, forthcoming 2016.