CELFIS Graduate Seminar

CELFIS seminar for graduate students is a new weekly research seminar hosted by the Department of Theoretical Philosophy, organized by a team of PhD students (Bogdan Oprea, Andreea Popescu and Paula Tomi) and coordinated by Dana Jalobeanu. It takes place every Wednesday, from 4 pm, in the Faculty of Philosophy (Splaiul Independentei 204), room Titu Maiorescu.

The speakers for this seminar are graduate students, PhD students and young researches willing to discuss their work-in-progress with the rest of the academic community. The aim of these seminars is to provide not only a suitable and comfortable environment for graduate students to wield their oratorical capacities, but also to give them a proper feedback from the academic community.

22nd of March: Robert Chiş-Ciure (University of Bucharest), Why origin is not as necessary as Kripke would want

29th of March: Raluca Becheru (University of Bucharest), The Philosophy of Architecture

5th of April: Aida Şmalbelgher (University of Bucharest), Puterea explicativă a teoriilor de principiu

12th of April: Constantin Prică (University of Bucharest), Finean essence and dependence

26th of April: Bogdan Oprea (University of Bucharest) TBA

3rd of May: Paula Tomi (University of Bucharest), Truthmakers and Deflationism. Are they compatible?

10th of May: Cristina Voinea (University of Bucharest),TBA

18th of May: Ovidiu Babeş (University of Bucharest), Descartes on optics: building curves that bend light

25th of May: Andreea Popescu (University of Bucharest), Actualism and Kripke’s Relativized Domains Approach

1st of June: Raluca Bujor (University of Bucharest), Interpretări ale atopiei socratice în literatura secundară – descriere și comentariu