CELFIS Seminar

dsc_6328The CELFIS seminar is a weekly research seminar in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science hosted by the Department of Theoretical Philosophy and organized by Dana Jalobeanu. It meets every Wednesday from 6 pm, in the Faculty of Philosophy (Splaiul Independentei 204), room Titu Maiorescu. CELFIS seminar’s speakers are established researchers and academics, young researchers and PhD students willing to discuss their work-in-progress with the rest of the academic community. Some of the CELFIS talks are recorded (see also the archive here).

Since 2015, the CELFIS seminar is jointly organized by our research group, the center in history and philosophy of science (CELFIS) and Institute for Research in the Humanities – ICUB, University of Bucharest.


Fall semester (conveners: Dana Jalobeanu, Mihnea Dobre)

5 October, Simo Knuuttila (University of Helsinki), The Upgrading of Emotions in Early Modern Philosophy

12 October, Manuela Ungureanu (University of British Columbia), On the (non)Existence of Natural Languages: Reply to the Chomskyans’ Rejection of Public Languages

19 October, Gabriel Sandu (University of Helsinki & Institute for Research in the Humanities-ICUB, University of Bucharest) Remarks on the legacy of the Finnish School in philosophical logic

26 October, Mordechai Feingold (California Institute of Technology), Who Was the Experimental Philosopher? Reflections on the Origins of Practice

2 November, Laura Georgescu (University of Ghent), The philosophies of scientific practices in context  

9 November, Cătălin Avramescu (University of Bucharest), How the idea of a voting system came about?

16 November, Paul Greenham (University of Tel Aviv), Biblical Hermeneutics and Early Modern Science: Isaac Newton’s Textual Methods in Chemistry, Alchemy, and Biblical Prophecy

23 November, Antoni Malet (University of Barcelona),  Practical geometries, measuring, and tacit knowledge in early modern mathematics

7 December Tinca Prunea Bretonnet (Institute for Research in the Humanities-ICUB, University of Bucharest), Kant and the necessity of the laws of nature

14 December, Matjaz Vesel (Institute of Philosophy, Ljubliana), Copernicus: Platonist Astronomer-Philosopher

11 January seminar cancelled

18 January  Matteo Valeriani (Max Planck Institute, Berlin), The Structures of Practical Knowledge

25 January Alexandra Bacalu (University of Bucharest & Institute for Research in the Humanities), Early Modern Strategies for Shaping Sense-Impressions: Later Developments

Spring semester (conveners: Dana Jalobeanu, Mihnea Dobre, Bianca Savu)

March 1 Diego Lucci (American University in Bulgaria), John Locke against the Trinity: Historical Biblical Criticism and the Way of Ideas Questioning the Trinitarian Dogma

March 8 Matthew Dentith (Institute of Research in the Humanities, ICUB), Evidence, expertise, and conspiracy theorising

March 15 Sebastian Mateiescu (University of Bucharest), Universals in the Byzantine Theology: from the Cappadocians to Maximus the Confessor

March 22  Richard David-Rus (Institute of Anthropology Francisc J. Rainier, Bucharest) Understanding in agent-based models

March 29 Scott Mandelbrote (University of Cambridge), Early Modern Natural Theologies

April 5 Constantin Stoenescu (University of Bucharest), Another bridge between Early Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology: Russell and Twardowski about truth, judgments and objects

April 12 Veronica Lazar (Institute of Research in the Humanities, ICUB), Critical History, Historical Pyrrhonism and the fortunate Birth of `Culture` in the Enlightenment

April 26 Timothy Tambassi (Institute for Research in the Humanities, ICUB), Ontological Perspectives for a Classification of Geographical Boundaries. 

May 10 Grigore Vida (Institute of Research in the Humanities, ICUB), Newton’s Metaphysics: A Reply to Levitin

May 17 Maria Carion (Emory University), Hurtado Herbarium. Natural History and Natural Philosophy in Early Modern Spain.

May 24 Sorin Costreie (University of Bucharest), TBA

May 31 Alexandru Dragomir (University of Bucharest) TBA

June 7 Ionuț Tudorie (University of Bucharest) TBA

June 14 Viktor Ilievski (Institute for Research in the Humanities, ICUB) Eternity and time in Plato’s Timaeus


 For the past CELFIS events see here. For the archive of editions and pictures see here.