CELFIS 2015-2016

Weekly research seminar in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science

Wednesday 18-20, Titu Maiorescu Amphitheater, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest

 First semester


7 October –Rob Iliffe (University of Sussex), The Newton Project as a solution to the problem of intellectual coherence

14 October – Round table discussion on the book:Psihologia poporului roman, by Daniel David

Invited speakers: Daniel David (Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj), Cosima Rughiniș (University of Bucharest), Ruxandra Ivan (University of Bucharest), Radu Umbreș (SNSPA). Moderator: Sorin Costreie (University of Bucharest)

21 October – Kirsten Walsh (Institute for Research in Humanities, University of Bucharest), Newton as a Modeller

28 October – Fabrizio Baldassari (Institute for Research in Humanities, University of Bucharest), How much living bodies fit Descartes’ natural philosophy. The role of botany

4 November – Daniel Garber (Princeton University), “History not so faithful, as might have been wish’d”: Bacon, Error, and the Royal Society

11 November – F. A. Meschini (Università del Salento),  De L’Homme à la Description du corps humain: sur les traces du parcours du chyle. Descartes et la digestion

18 November – Delphine Bellis (Radboud University Nijmegen), Nos in Diem Vivimus: Gassendi’s Probabilism and Academic Philosophy from Day to Day

25 November – Constantin C Brincus (University of Bucharest), The Nature of Logical Principles

2 December – Adrian Currie (University of Calgary), Hot Blooded Gluttons: Coherence & Method in Historical Science

9 December – Ciprian Jeler (Institute for Research in Humanities, University of Bucharest), On some recent ambiguities of the concept of “group selection” in philosophy of biology

16 December – Sorin Bangu (University of Bergen), Methodological Remarks on the Experiments on Infants’ Mathematical Abilities

6 January – Michael Deckard (Lenoir-Rhyne University/University of Bucharest), Two Cultures Interweaving: Art and Science in Mendelssohn’s Letters on Sentiments

13 January – Divna Manolova (Institute for Research in Humanities, University of Bucharest), Theodore Metochites and Nikephoros Gregoras on philomatheia and polymatheia

20 January – Alette Fleischer (Amsterdam University), Nature, Knowledge and Networks: Exchanging and examining local and exotic plants in 17th century Holland

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