News and Events

Students interested in joining in research teams and/or register for research seminar have a wide variety of options this term. They can chose from intensive courses and weekly research seminars. To register, get in touch directly with the organizer.

At the Institute for Research in the Humanities, ICUB, we have an upcoming Galileo Masterclass (24-28 October, 2017), and a weekly research seminar on the “Birth and development of Theodicy,” focusing on Plato’s Republic. Both can be of major interest for students in philosophy. For those of you interested in digital humanities, there is a dedicated seminar on Digital Humanities.

At the Faculty of Philosophy there are two new invited courses – intensive, optional and advanced (for master students and PhDs, but also open to undergraduates).

Reading nature with Aristotle (Stefano Gulizia, CUNY & IRH-ICUB).

Intensive course investigating the inheritance of the ‘scientific’ Aristotelianism (the Aristotelianism of the Problemata) in the sixteenth and seventeenth century.


Images of the knowledge system pivoted around cosmology (Matteo Valleriani, Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin). Intensive master course (17-23 October) on history (and philosophy) of Science (in the Renaissance and Early Modern Europe)