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Welcome ūüôā This is a blog about teaching and research in philosophy.¬† It aims to share my experience and thoughts on the subject and to provide information about my teaching at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest. You will find here¬†information about courses, research seminars and research projects, as well as tips on how to do research if you are (or want to be)¬†a philosopher.

Since we are talking about research, the image on the background represents an interesting case-study for how not-to do research. It is a page¬†from Thomas Harriot’s manuscripts, recording his observations of Jupiter’s satellites. Harriot observed these celestial objects (most probably) before Galileo but he never published his results. Harriot also had a telescope before Galileo… but he never published his results. Many of the great discoveries in early modern mathematics might have been attributed to Harriot… if only he would publish his results.

The purpose of this blog is to offer you resources and skills for a successful research career – links to courses, research seminars, news in the profession, tips and interesting questions to follow as well as research topics in history and philosophy of science. This blog is also meant to be a¬†line of communication with students interested in doing research. It is addressed to students or would-be students and it is intended to be helpful (so feed-back is more than welcome). Use the ‘comment’ section for questions and suggestions.


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  1. Ve»õi mai »õine anul acesta cursul ‚ÄěCosmologia intre fizica si filosofie: Modele de univers de la Platon la Einstein‚ÄĚ? VńÉ mul»õumesc.

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