International Conference Values of the Human Person: Contemporary Challenges

International Conference
Values of the Human Person: Contemporary Challenges
Bucharest June, 3-4, 2011
Organizers: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest
Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington, USA

Afis (DOC)
Programme (final updated version):

Friday, June, 3
9 – 9.30. Opening discourses
Professor Romulus Brâncoveanu – Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy,
Members of the Organizing Committee

Morning session
9.30 – 11.00 Plenary Session
9.30-10–John Farina (USA) – Conflicting Contemporary Understandings of the Person in Society
10.00–10.30 Vasiliki Solomou Papanikolaou (Greece) – Publicness and Human Dignity: In the Past and Nowadays
10.30–11.00 – Leon Dyczewski (Poland) – A man in the perspective of modern (popular) culture
11.00 – 11.30 – Coffee break

Section I – Chair – John Farina
11.30-12.00 – Marin Aiftincă (Romania) – Differentiation of Values and Humanity’s Ideals
12.00-12.30 – Helen  Karabatzaki (Greece) – Stoicism in the age of globalization
12.30-13.00 – Ştefan Afloroaei (Romania) -About the symbolical constitution of the person
13.00-13.30 – Adrian Costache (Romania) – Hermeneutic Dialogue As Social Value. An Inquiry into “Unfindable Objects of Thought”

Section II – Chair – Leon Dychewski
11.30-12.00 – Marek Pytko (Poland) – The authenticity of the human being in Christian existentialism and phenomenology: S. Kierkegaard and J. Tischner
12.00-12.30 – Remus Rus (Romania) –Reserved title
12.30-13.00 – Wilhelm Dancă (Romania) – Person in act and vertical experience: Karol Woityla
13.00-13.30 – Dan Chiţoiu (Romania) – Person and Personal Reality: The Actuality of the Eastern Christian Understanding of Man.

13.30-15.00 – Lunch in the Student Campus

Afternoon session
Section I – Chair – Marin Aiftincă
15.00-15.30 – BogdanaTodorova (Bulgaria) – The values of the new civilization: identity and dialogue in the context of value discourse
15.30-16.00 – Magdalena Dumitrana (Romania) – Awakening and awareness in Anthony de Mello’s Conception
16.00-16.30 – Sebastian Chirimbu (Romania) – Globalization and New Trends in Social Networking

Section II – Chair – Vasiliki Solomou Papanikolaou
15.00-15.30 – Gong Qun (China) – On the Intimate Relation Between Social Facts and Three Types of Values
15.30-16.00 – Romulus Brâncoveanu (Romania) – Toleration and Liberty as Institutions and Human Values
16.00-16.30 – Dorina Pătrunsu (Romania) – The Value of Civil Disobedience for Human Being in a Democratic Society
16.30-17.00 – Coffee break

Section I – Chair – Marek Pytko
17.00-17.30 – Seema Bose (India) – The Value of the Human Person: Rabindranath Tagore’s Relevance to the Challenges of Today’s World
17.30-18.00 – Ana Bazac (Romania) – The worth of man on the threshold of his technological transformation
18.00-18.30 – Cristian Popa (Romania) – The “Person” Concept in Orthodox Theology

Section II – Chair – Stefan Afloroaei
17.00-17.30 – Constantin Stoenescu (Romania) – Was the modern Cosmopolis transformed into a post-modern global village?
17.30-18.00 – Lavinia Marin (Romania) – Rationality as a human value
18.00-18.30 – Costea Elena (Romania) – Heidegger and globalization, new perspectives on technology and human value
Dinner – Welcome Party


Morning session
Section I – Chair – Sabin Totu
9.00-9.30 – Iulian Gabriel Hruşcă (Romania) – Aspirations and Anticipations of Universalism. Global Village in Ancient Rome
9.30-10.00 – Cornelia Găşpărel (Romania) – Contemporary society and its ethic dilemmas
10.00-10.30 – Tarciziu Şerban (Romania) – Guide marks for human dignity provided by Pope Benedict XVI
10.30-11.00- Cătălin Bobb (Romania) – Between a Cogito and a human person:  a hermeneutic -phenomenological perspective

Section II – Chair – Gong Qun
9.00-9.30 – Ulrich Steinvorth (Germany, Turkey) – What Kitsch Tells us about Our Time
9.30-10.00 – Viorel Vizureanu (Romania) – The Significance of Globalization for Human Beings: The Problem of Space
10.00-10.30 – Mihaela Pop (Romania) – The beautiful as an aesthetic value and its contemporary challenges
10.30-11- Vicenţiu Pătraşcu (Romania) – What emotions are more valued today?
11.00-11.30 -Coffee break

Section I – Chair – Ulrich Steinvorth
11.00-11.30 – Teodor Negru (Romania) – Self and Embodiment: Human Person from an Enactive Point of View
11.30-12.00 – Asya Markova (Bulgaria) – On the concept of dignity in the capability approach and in the tradition of personalism
12.00-12.30 – Bogdan Silion (Romania) – Lev Şestov’s view on the absurd circle and the limits of personal identity
12.30-13.00 – Gabriel Roman, (Romania) – Changes and Challenges in the Statement on Death Quality

Section II – Chair – Hu Yeping
11.00-11.30 – Cristian Berţi (Romania) – Human being – from spiritual values to technological progress
11.30-12.00 – Voichiţa Tebeanu (Romania) – Understanding Mental Health: Existential Situation and Social Attitudes
12.00-12.30 – Cristian Iftode (Romania) – Monadological Individualism or Relational Personalism? Ways of Subjectivation in the World of Today
12.30-13.00 – Alexandru Năstase (Romania) – The individual identity ”trapped” in a new paradigm, global corporatism

13.30-15.00 –Lunch

Afternoon session
Section I – Chair – Romulus Brancoveanu
15.00-15.30 – Iulia Anghel (Romania) – Globalization:  modern myth or ideological project?
15.30-16.00 – Liviu Costin (Romania) – Mircea Eliade and the “Natural” Genesis of Religion
16.00-16.30 – Maria Gioga (Romania) – Foucault’s case against humanism
16.30-17.00 – Hu Yeping (USA) – reserved title

Section II – Chair- Viorel Vizureanu
15.00-15.30 – Florin Frunză (Romania) – The Human Being in the Areopagitic thought
15.30-16.00 – Sabin Totu (Romania) – Self-knowledge and belief in God.

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