Mihaela Pop -“Religious art and its deviated forms during the transition from the communist regime in Romania”

Doamna conferențiar univ. dr. Mihaela Pop va participa la conferința internațională “Religions in the public sphere” organizată de Universitatea “Adam Mickiewicz” din Poznan, Polonia, în perioada 24-26 iunie. Titlul intervenției: “Religious art and its deviated forms during the transition from the communist regime in Romania”.

Programul conferintei:
International Conference
„Religions in the Public Spheres”
Poznan 24-26 June 2010
Main conference venue: Poznan, Mielżynskiego  Street  No 27/29.
Accomodation: University  Hotel, “Jowita” Poznan 60-813,  Zwierzyniecka Street No 7, tel. +48 (0)61 866 12 77

Program of Events

Thursday 24 June 2010

9,00- 10,15 Opening Session
9,00-9,15 Opening Ceremony

Moderator: Tadeusz Buksinski

9,15-10,15 Wilhelm Schmidt- Biggemann ( Free University of Berlin):
How Political Theology brought Religion back into the Public  Sphere

10,15-10,30; Coffee Break

10,30-11,00: John Farina ( George Mason University, Washington),
Arguments for Religion in Contemporary Civil Society

11,00- 11,30: Tomka  Miklos ( Catholic University in  Budapest),
Religiosity as motivation for social commitment

11,30-11,45 Coffee Break

11,45 – 12,15: Maciej Ziemba (European Centre of Solidarity, Gdansk)
Seven Theses on Religion, Democracy and Open Society

12,15-12,45; Evanggelos Moutsopoulos ( Academy of Athens),
Artistic Creativity: An Immanent Value reflecting Transcendence

13,00. 14-30 Lunch

Moderator: Edward Alan

15,00 – 15,30: Tadeusz Buksinski ( Adam Mickiewicz University),
The Legal and Social Status of Churches in the Monoreligious Countries

15,30- 16,00: Sergey Nizhnikov (Peoples Friendship University of Russia,
The Problem of the Status of Religion in Russian Society Today

16,00- 16,15; Coffee Break

16,15- 16,45; Mihaela Pop ( University of Bucharest),
Religious Art and its deviated forms  during the transition from
the communist regime in Romania

16,45-17,15;  Gennadii Korzhov, (Makeyevka Institute of Economics  and Humanities,
Normative Legitimization of Religious Values : On the Specificity of Religious
Life in Ukraine

17,15-17,30; Coffee Break

17,30-18,00; Yaroslav Pasko ( State University, Donetsk),
Religious and Secular Values: Pre-modern and Modern Dimensions

18,00-18,30: Xiao Li ((Sun Yat-sen University, Adam Mickiewicz University),
On the Significance of Christians to the Construction of Chinese Public Sphere

19,00 Dinner

Friday 25 June 2010

Moderator: Tomka Miklos

9,00- 9,30; Manuel Jimenez-Redondo (State University,Valencia)
Religion and public sphere; Remarks on the Discussions Habermas-Ratzinger

9,30-10,00 ; Andrew Cummings ( Mount Angel Seminary, Oregon),
Religions in the Public Spheres. Remarks on Habermas’ View

10,00- 10,30; Janis Ozolins ( Australian Catholic University),
Religious and Moral Values in a Consumer Society- A Christian Perspective

10,30-10,45 Coffee Break

10, 45- 11,15: Jan Hartmann, (Jagiellonian University, Krakow),
Religiosity vs Modernity

11,15- 11,45; Piotr Juchacz, ( Adam Mickiewicz University),
National and Transnational Public Spheres and their Content

11,45-12,15; Joachim Heil ( Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz),
Religious Phenomena in Pop-Culture and the Question of Personal

12,15- 12.30; Coffee Break

12,30-13,00: Urlich Steinworth (Bilkent University Ankara, University of Hamburg),
The Conception of God  in Modern Cosmology and the Society of Religion

13,00- 13, 30; Valery Goryunov ( St Petersburg State Polytechnic University)
Religions and Science: overcoming alternatives

13,30-14,30; Lunch

Moderator: Piotr Juchacz

15,00-15,30; Edward Alan ( Notre Dame University Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon),
Religion in the Public Sphere: What the World can still learn from Lebanon

15,30- 16,00; Paulo Conceicao Faria ( University of Kent at Canterbury),
Pope Benedict XVI’s Visit and Revival of the Angolan Public Sphere

16,00-16,15;  Coffee Break

16,30- 17,00; Yuriy Pochta ( Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Moscow);
Muslims between Liberalism and Fundamentalism: Problem of Islamic
Civil  Society

17,00 – 17,30; Azhar Ibrahim ( National University of Singapore),
Malay-Muslim Religious Discourse in Singapore: The Assertions of Religious
Elites and Activists in Public Sphere

17,30-18,00; Mohammed  Maarouf (Chouaib Doukkali Univ. El Jadida Morocco),
From Fundamentalism to Islamism: Models of Cultural  Resistance
in  Morocco

18,30-  Dinner

Saturday 26 June 2010

Moderator: John Farina

9,00-9,30; Wilhelm Graeb ( Humboldt University, Berlin),
Each Person a Special Case . Transformation of Religion in Modern Societies

9,30-10,00; Erwin Bader ( University of Vienna),
Die Seligpreisungen. Ihre Reform der praktischen Vernunft konnte die Krise
der Sekularen Gesellschaft uberwinden

10,00-10,30; Tomasz Raburski (Adam Mickiewicz University),
Secularizing Effects of Legal Systems in Liberal Democracies

10,30-11,00; Bart Labushagne (Universiteit Leiden),
Towards a new relationship: private, public and sacred

11,00 -11,15: Coffee Break

Moderator: Gennadii Korzhov

11,15-11,45;  Edwin George ( University of Madras),
Indian Polity and Implications of Indian Democratic Secular Attitude

11,45-12,15; Bommireddipali Bhanusree ( Andhra University Visakhapatnam),
Attainment of Harmony in Human Life: A Paradigm of the Religious Life
in Dayalbagh

12,15- 12,45;  Seema Bose (University of Delhi),
Religions in the Public Sphere; Some Considerations in the Indian Context

12,45-13,00; Coffee Break

13,00- 13,30; David Xinsheng Wang (Fudan University, Shanghai),
Outline of Some Observations and Reflections on the Religions in China Today

13,30- 14,00; Hu Yeping ( CRVP, Washington),
Asian Wisdom

14,00 – 14,30;  Michal Katafiasz ( Buddhist Community, Poznan)
The Spiritual Identity in the Public Life

14,30-15,00 Closing Meeting

15,00- 15,45; Lunch

16.00–17,30, Guided  Tour around Poznan Old Town

18,00 Dinner

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